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Italian medical writer and Translator

A medical writer creates content in a very sensitive topic, namely health, or rather, he writes about illnesses, health disorders and about related treatments. From this initial premise, it is obvious that this type of writer can’t become what he is overnight!

This professional must also have outstanding research skills, in order to be capable to search for detailed and reliable sources of medical and pharmaceutical information.

A medical writer must also have a large writing experience, especially on medical topics.

Furthermore, a good medical writer does not do the copy and paste of the medical information found online, but explores several documents and medical literature sources to find the best and the most reliable information for users.

In short, if you need a medical writer, I can help you.

Indeed, I offer Medical Writing Services for:

  • Medical and Scientific Articles
  • Medical e-books
  • Medical blogs and websites
  • Medical Whitepapers
  • Medical translations English to Italian
  • Clinical study reports
  • Copy and press releases for promotion of clinical studies, drugs and medical devices

Benefits for You:

  1. No Intermediate Agency
  2. No Agency Fees
  3. Professional medical content written or translated with extreme accuracy, SEO and journalistic criteria
  4. Increase in sales and international reputation

Public Writing Samples

My Words and My style are public, you can see them on this same magazine!

Solid Writing Experience Since 1994

Make your Science easier and available for your target audience.

Save Time and Gain Excellence with a proven Medical Communication Writer and International Journalist.

I am, in fact, an International Content Creator certified at the University of Washington and have an academic diploma in Marketing, Science and Language Arts obtained at the Technical College ‘Giorgio Arcoleo’ in Caltagirone, Sicily.

I am also a member of AHCJ, the American Association of Health Care Journalists and Center of Excellence in Health Journalism founded by Missouri School of Journalism.

What you’ll obtain?

  • Your medical content written with a clear and understandable style.
  • Your blog regularly updated with informative and engaging health articles.
  • Your medical content written respecting integrity and quality to ensure the compliance with health system and medical regulations.
  • Online and International Brand Authority.
  • Your Content Marketing Strategy Curated in Detail.

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I’ll be delighted to provide you with great medical content for your communication and marketing goals.